Registrar Corp Announces Acquisition of FDA Agents

HAMPTON, VA, October 16, 2018 – Registrar Corp (“Registrar”), a leading provider of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) compliance services to FDA-regulated facilities worldwide and a portfolio company of Bertram Capital, has acquired FDA Agents (or the “Company”).  FDA Agents has provided FDA registration, U.S. Agent, and product listing services to domestic and foreign FDA-regulated facilities since 2003 and supports more than 1,000 clients worldwide.

“Our goal is to expand Registrar’s reach across the FDA-regulated market,” said David Lennarz, Registrar’s President of Business Development and Operations. “We are excited to partner with all of FDA Agents’ customers and support their ongoing regulatory compliance needs by leveraging Registrar’s 100-plus regulatory advisors and specialists, offices in 17 countries, and unique SaaS technology capabilities.”

 “With ever increasing regulations, it was the right time for FDA Agents to partner with a larger organization that could offer our customers a fuller breadth of solutions,” said John Balistreri, Managing Director of FDA Agents.  “Registrar greatly expands the capabilities of FDA Agents and I am confident that our valued clients will benefit from the variety of compliance services Registrar offers and the access to their international offices.”   

The investment in FDA Agents represents the first add-on acquisition completed by Registrar Corp.  Registrar Corp is a portfolio company of Bertram Capital.  Bertram Capital and Registrar will continue to actively target add-on acquisitions of FDA regulatory compliance firms that can expand Registrar’s client base and range of services.   

“Registrar Corp offers a specialized suite of FDA compliance solutions beyond what can be found in the market,” said Tom Beerle, Principal at Bertram Capital. “With the acquisition of FDA Agents, Registrar continues to expand its position as a leading provider of FDA compliance solutions, and moving forward we will continue to pursue additional, strategic add-on investment opportunities.”  


About Registrar Corp

Registrar Corp was founded in 2003 to help businesses comply with U.S. FDA regulations. Since opening its headquarters in Hampton, Virginia, USA, Registrar Corp has expanded to seventeen international offices and has aided more than 30,000 companies across 160 countries. Employees include former U.S. FDA officials, scientists, and industry experts. Registrar Corp offers FDA compliance assistance for the food and beverage, medical device, drugs, cosmetics, electronics, and tobacco industries. Visit for more information.

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About FDA Agents

FDA Agents was founded in 2003 to help businesses comply with U.S. FDA regulations.  The firm focuses primarily on registration and U.S. Agent services for the food, beverage, medical device, and pharmaceutical sectors.  Headquartered in Tarpley, Texas, FDA Agents serves companies both in the U.S. and overseas.  Visit for more information. 


About Bertram Capital

Bertram Capital is a private equity firm with over $1.4 billion in committed capital targeting investments in lower middle market companies.  In addition to supplying strategic growth capital, Bertram Capital leverages proprietary processes and services, Bertram High-5SM and Bertram Labs, to empower its portfolio companies to unlock their full business potential. The Bertram High-5SM is an operationally-focused value creation strategy, which includes management augmentation, operational initiative implementation, complimentary business acquisition, sales and marketing improvements and leveraging technology and IP.  The cornerstone of this strategy is Bertram Labs, its in-house technology team, which drives growth and value through digital marketing, e-commerce, big data and analytics, application development and internal and external platform optimization. Visit for more information.

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