Case Study: Extrusion Dies Industries

Bertram Capital employed The Bertram Capital High 5sm to build a highly engineered manufacturer of plastic processing equipment


EDI designs and manufactures extrusion dies, coating heads and related products for producers of cast film, sheet, coatings and laminates serving a variety of dynamic end markets.


December 2010


June 2012 through a sale to Nordson Corporation (NDSN)


Bertram Capital acquired Chippewa Falls, WI-based Extrusion Dies Industries, LLC in December of 2010 and completed the strategic acquisition of Premier Dies Corporation in March of 2012 . By applying the "Bertram High 5SM", a proprietary, systematic approach to business building, Bertram Capital worked with the EDI team to streamline manufacturing operations and increase throughput, expand product categories and sales channels, enhance management, extend its technology and patent portfolio and augment its global operations. In June of 2012, Bertram Capital announced the sale of Extrusion Dies Industries to Nordson Corporation (NDSN).

Sales Channel

Product Extension:

Blown film dies, coating stations and fluid delivery systems Advances in exiting die and feedblock categories.

Nearly doubled production capacity and reduced lead times from 24 to 16 weeks.



CEO, CFO, VP Engineering, Quality Manager


Premier Dies Corporation logo

Premier Dies Corporation: March 2012



Developed flowmodeler software to decrease design time in engineering and mitigate intellectual property risk. Filed 8 US patents and 3 Chinese patents.

Supply Chain


Manufacturing facilities in China and Japan to capture Asia growth.

image of supply chain optimization in China and Japan


Time from initial investment to definitive sales – 17 months. TEV: $200M