Aperture Pet & Life

Online retailer, manufacturer and distributor of products and solutions for the saltwater and freshwater enthusiast


December 2020


Golden Valley, MN



“Bulk Reef Supply (a subsidiary of Aperture) represents the quintessential example of a company that has authentically built, matured and grown a base of dedicated consumers who rely on the company to engage, educate, and entertain them, in addition to offering them access to the best products and technology.1

Jeff Drazan

Managing Partner, Bertram Capital

Company Overview

Aperture and its YouTube channel are leading online destinations for salt water aquarium enthusiasts (“reefers”) across the United States

Saltwater Aquarium & Reef Tank products

Add-on investments completed

Bulk Reef Supply

For 15 years, Bulk Reef Supply has made reefing fun and easy an industry leading online marketplace and helpful YouTube videos

Marine Depot

A leading ecommerce company focused on salt water aquarium enthusiasts


A leading provider of lights and flow equipment to the salt water aquarium industry

Neptune Systems

Neptune Systems is a leading tech-enabled controller and solutions provider for Saltwater aquarium enthusiasts


Envisioned by reptile lovers for reptile lovers, Leap uses science and education to revolutionize reptile care


AI proudly designs, engineers, and manufactures industry leading lighting and pumps for saltwater and freshwater aquariums


  • Global and domestic providers of aquarium supplies and equipment
  • Online businesses in other pet-related categories (e.g. reptiles)

Aperture Pet & Life News

  • Bertram Capital Announces Investment in Bulk Reef Supply

    FOSTER CITY, CA: February 9, 2021 Bertram Capital (“Bertram”) announced today that it has made an investment in Golden…

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More portfolio companies