Bertram Capital Portfolio Company, Sanare, LLC, Announces National Strategic Partnership with American Diabetes Association

Sanare, LLC announced today that the company has become a National Strategic Partner of the American Diabetes Association and will serve as a founding sponsor of the Association’s “Living with Type 2 Diabetes” educational program. For patients recently diagnosed with diabetes, the program provides timely access to important resources and information about living with diabetes. In conjunction with this alliance, Sanare launched BrightSky, its new consumer brand serving people living with diabetes.

“The Association’s proactive approach to diabetes education aligns well with the mission of both Sanare and BrightSky to empower patients to manage their diabetes,” said Dr. Ron Geraty, Sanare CEO. “Both parties are focused on creating better health outcomes for people living with diabetes and on lowering health care costs. We’re very excited and honored to be working with the American Diabetes Association in this capacity.”

Bertram Capital, in partnership with the existing management team, capitalized Sanare in September 2010. The company recently announced the completion of two follow-on acquisitions, representing integral components in building out a comprehensive approach to diabetes care. The acquisitions of Great Lakes Medical Supply and Doctor Diabetic Supply provided Sanare with substantial market presence and valuable relationships with patients, physicians, caregivers and payors. Sanare now serves over 160,000 people with diabetes, maintains numerous relationships with health insurance payors and interacts with 80,000 physicians.

BrightSky, Sanare’s direct-to-consumer business, provides a “one-stop shop” to patients, distributing testing supplies and other related products, engaging and educating patients, and capturing valuable information to better inform care from their physicians. In addition, Sanare offers its services as a cost containment solution to health insurance payors seeking to control the explosion of diabetes-related medical costs of their members. Sanare provides health plans with access to low cost diagnostic testing supplies and proprietary clinical analytics to better measure compliance with treatment protocols and improve payors’ healthcare plan performance.

“Sanare is actively seeking partnership opportunities and add-on acquisitions to complement our strategy of providing both care management services for people with diabetes and cost containment solutions for payors,” said Ken Drazan, Partner at Bertram Capital. “Specific areas of interest include consumer and physician-oriented diabetes education tools, care management technology platforms, and innovative technology companies that make it convenient to collect, monitor, analyze and instantaneously report health data.”

About Sanare

Launched in 2010, Sanare is an innovative healthcare products and services company that provides care management solutions designed to improve the health of people with diabetes and reduce the cost of their medical care. Sanare achieves these goals through more frequent diagnostic testing, education, and advocacy of care with key stakeholders including patients, physicians, caregivers and payors. Proprietary tools, technology and resources put Sanare at the forefront of total diabetes health. Sanare is led by industry veteran Ron Geraty, who co-founded Sanare after spending nine years as the Chief Executive Officer of Alere Medical. The company is based in Reno, NV, with offices in Warren, MI, Miami, FL, and Conway, AR.


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